Twelve and a half million dollars worth of marijuana goes up in flames

The Belize Defence Force has issued details on a major two-day anti-drug operation. Earlier this week, the Belize Police department with the support of the Belize Defence Force conducted an anti-drug operation in the Southwest Orange Walk District and Southwest Cayo District. In those operations, Police discovered over sixty-one thousand marijuana plants, as well as over three hundred pounds of compressed marijuana, and about ten pounds of marijuana seeds, which were destroyed. The estimated street value of the drugs destroyed is around twelve and a half million Belize dollars. According to Lieutenant Colonel Raymond Shepherd, who is the Chief of Staff and Public Affairs Officer of the BDF, this operation is quite significant, since it netted 61,000 plants as compared to all of last year which netted 30,000 plants And all of 2011 which netted 41,000 plants destroyed! The two day operation has been contributed to improved information sharing among the various government agencies, enhanced intelligence gathering, greater collaboration among national and international Security Forces and in particular, air mobile support from Joint Task Force Bravo of  US Southern Command.

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