Twelve shot in Belize City this weekend, two fatalities.

It was a violent weekend in Belize City. There were twelve shootings reported,  reulting in two deaths.   The murders happened on Saturday morning at about vlcsnap-2013-02-18-21h05m05s2281:30 am. In Munoz Alley, in Belize City, 39yr old Lincoln Allen, was to the back of the head and to the mouth.  23yr old Devon Dean Saldano was also shot to the back of the head and died in that alley as well. According to the police report, Derreck Cervantes was talking to Lincoln Allen on Munoz Alley when two male persons appeared and one of them fired a gunshot at Cervantes. Cervantes was shot to the chest. The gunman then fired two shots at Allen. At that time,  Cervantes took out his licensed 9mm pistol and fired a gunshot at the gunman, identified as Devon Saltano, fatally injuring him.  The other male person then ran off making good his escape.  Allen’s mother Joan Sankey told PLUS News the account of the incident as it was given to her.

Joan Sankey – Mother of Lincoln Allen:
According to what I hear he was at the “bucket Bar” by the bridge on Friday night. He bumped into a guy that had a drink in his hand and spill his drink and I think he told the guy that he would slap him. He left from there for home. When he came home he was standing with another young man, who also got shot. Keino son said that he saw the vehicle came through here but Keino didn’t know. While he was talking to the guy he saw the person coming from the back alley with his hands in his pocket. But he didn’t know who the person was. The person saw him and another talking, so he shot him first.

vlcsnap-2013-02-18-21h00m51s14Sankey, a resident of Hattieville, said she was told that the gunman chased her son and they exchanged words once more before the gunman fatally wounded Allen and was in turn himself fatally wounded. Allen was shot three times, twice in the head and another in the face. The second gunman escaped. According to Sankey, her son was influenced to reform by the birth of her youngest son, whom he often counseled. He made his living on the high seas and had managed to stay out of trouble until Saturday’s incident.

Joan Sankey – Mother of Lincoln Allen:
My son changed his life. He talked to his younger brother not to follow in his footsteps. For four or five months he was in Stann Creek, at Tobacco Caye.   He came here for New Years.  He went to the Caye and he came back.  He didn’t go back.  He just stayed round and round this vicinity.

Police have identified the shooter as 23 year old Devon Dean Saldano. The bodies of Allen and Saldano were taken to the K.H.M.H. where they were pronounced dead.  Cervantes was transported to a medical facility where he is admitted in a critical condition.  Police have recovered (6) 9mm expended shells and (1) licensed Glock 17 9mm pistol with an empty magazine belonging to Cervantes.

Belize City Police are also investigating shooting incidents which took place yesterday. At 4:20 yesterday morning, 47yr old Mario Ramos was shot to the right hip and right thigh.  Ramos was reportedly sitting on his bed in his home when he heard four gunshots and realized he had been hit. He was transported to the K.H.M.H. where he was admitted in a stable condition.  Then at 6:30pm yesterday evening, 19 year old Randy James Harris was shot to the right hand, 24 year old Deon Gibson was shot to the left hand and 39 year old Orlando Velasquez, was shot to the left thigh. PLUS News caught up with Harris and he told us what transpired.

Randy Harris – shooting victim
vlcsnap-2013-02-18-20h55m38s219I was going across the bridge and the young man [the gunman] just came up and start firing shot.  I got shot in my abdomen. I already gone to the hospital. They tell me come back today for some medication.  The dread that work right here [also got shot] and the little girl that was standing over there got shot.

Police investigations into both incidents continue.


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