Twin Town residents meet with new Mayor and Town council

The San Ignacio/ Santa Elena Town Council held its first community meeting this week since the new Mayor and his council were sworn in to office on March 19th last two weeks. The meeting was held at 7 pm on Tuesday March 31st at the San Ignacio Hotel and resort. The main purpose of the meeting said, Mayor Earl Trapp was to build relationship with the business community.

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The main purpose of this meeting tonight  was to bring the business community together with the town council. We believe that there have always been that separation between the Town Council and the business community  as well as a separation with the Town Council and the Police Department. We Believe that by bringing these entities together, we  can more move our Twin Towns forward because  the business community, are the foundation and pillars for our economy. For every , we go to the business community. So we believe that we needed to re-vamp  and enforce and build a better relationship with the business community.

The Mayor of the twin towns explained some of the main concerns raised by the members of the business community who attended the meeting on Tuesday.

Earl Trap

“Well some of the concerns  were private parking. We need to make more private parking available. We have to many Taxi Association in the town area and I know that is a concern. I told them,’ yes we already have a proposal but we need to briong that fort to the next public meeting we have.’ The other concern were over grown lots in the area and as well beatifying our Twin Towns. As the route we are going into right now, we are working tirelessly in order to bring Cayo to be the #1 tourist destination. Beautification plays a roll and yes, like one of the people mension,’we need to do more beautifucation.’ I agree with it. We will form our nursery. Another  problem was something with the garbage. Well, like I told them,’ if they have a problem with garbage in certain areas, please call us and we will address it as quick as possible.'”

Mayor Trapp says there were a lot of topics bounced around during the discussion- some ventilating concerns and others trying to suggest solutions. At the end of the day, Mayor Trapp says, he believes the meeting was a fruitful one.

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