Twin Towns Rivalry

The twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena are known for their passion in politics. Such passion was evident at the Santa Elena Primary School polling station. Rival parties UDP and PUP made it very clear in Santa Elena that they were there to win. The atmosphere remained tense as squabbles and arguments ensued throughout the day between the two rivaling parties. Fortunately, the police’s presence was there to draw the line between the two parties, ensuring that arguments remained words and not physical attacks.

Venssa Neal, Councilor for Santa Elena, San Ignacio: Well, the UDP here in San Ignacio and Santa Elena will continue to be the council. We feel confident this morning. The voters came out, all the campaigners went in to vote ,myself already voted. We have already went to San Ignacio area and the same procedures are happening. We have had a lot of the workers from our twin towns and Santa Elena of course who came out to vote and who had to return to their work site, so I’d like to thank all the employers for assisting us in sending out to come and support us. As usual, I am here relaxed. It’s about 15 years in the town council so I must say that this is another land slide for me and my colleagues Mayor trap and the others. I am confident. I am hopeful. Praise God that I have a lot of faith in the community, not only the young people or senior people, but our campaigners, our family supporters and all the families in the municipality have given us not only their support for the past 15 years, but again they are coming out in full force to support us so I must tell you that I’m more than confident.

The two independent parties, namely Rudy Wade and Lupita Furgeson decided to pitch their tent away from the disputes in order to focus on garnering support. The Sacred Heart college polling station as well as the CET polling station in San Ignacio showed more co-operation and peace between all parties. Nevertheless, the entire United Democratic Party slate came out on top at the end of the day. Mayor Trapp and his councilors will serve for a second term. Official voting information had not been released for the twin towns up to our news time.

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