Two arrested for robbery, Police seek third man

Three men from the Corozal District got in trouble with the law last week Friday, when they accosted one man and stole his groceries.

Corozal Police have since arrested two persons, and are looking for the third.

Reports are that at around 9:00 pm on that day, 30 year old Daniel Mendez, a Belizean Cane Farmer of Concepcion Village, Corozal, was walking on Sugar Road heading home after purchasing some groceries at a local Chinese store. Then while on the way, he was assaulted by three men whom he identified as Celedonio Pinelo, Hermain Novelo and Manuel Flores. The men beat him causing him a fractured nose, pains to his body, and minor scrapes which were classified as wounding.

Daniel Mendez further stated that the men searched him, stole $180 in cash, and stole his bag of groceries which contained $70 dollars of grocery items.

Police arrested 21 year old Celedonio Pinelo, a Belizean Construction worker, and 34 year old Herminio Rodrigue, a Belizean labourer, both of Concepcion Village. They were jointly charged for wounding and theft.

Corozal Police are currently looking for Manuel Flores.

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