Two Belize City residents report encounters with gunmen

Two Belize City residents are tonight fortunate to be alive after they had separate run ins with gunmen. The first happened shortly before 9:00pm on Sunday night. A 19 year old told Police that he was at a Chinese store located in the area of Curassow Street and Cemetery Road, when he saw six men dressed in blue and white clothing, walking toward his direction. As they came closer to him, the teen says he recognized them to be members of the Ghost Town Gang. The posse reportedly walked straight up to him without saying  a word and one of them then punched him in the face. One of them then pulled out what appeared to be a hand gun and pointed it at him. That is when the teen ran off, but as he made his way toward Curassow Street, he heard one single shot fired in his direction. The second occurred just around the same time, at the corner of Supal Street. A 29 year old woman claims that while walking with her two female cousins, a man she has known for the past ten years, approached one of  the cousins and uttered offensive words. The woman intervened and a struggle ensued between her and the man. He allegedly pulled out a gun and pointed it at her stomach. While the two were still wrestling, the gun went off, but luckily no one was hit. She then managed to take the gun away and reportedly threw it in a nearby drain, where it sank in the water. Police are looking for the persons believed to be involved in these incidents.

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