Two Belizeans arrested in Chetumal with Drug Lord “El Monstruo” for Crystal Meth

vlcsnap-2013-02-11-20h30m10s103Two Belizeans were arrested in Chetumal along with six Mexicans for Crystal Meth possession. On Thursday afternoon, BZ PIC – Belizeans Hugo Casanova of Calcutta, Corozal and Ermelindo Vázquez of Orange Walk were arrested after the Mexican Navy along with other federal agencies carried out a raid on Thursday afternoon. That raid was conducted  at the home of alleged Mexican drug lord Carlos Cabañas Catzin “El Monstruo”. During the raid, Mexican officials discovered 45 kilograms of the synthetic and highly addictive drug known as crystal meth;  being 50 thousand doses. These had been bagged off and were ready for distribution and retail marketing. The drugs vlcsnap-2013-02-11-20h30m28s73were valued at least 11 million pesos, an equivalent of one million US dollars.  Carlos Cabañas Catzin is known as a major drug dealer for “The Pelones” in the southern state of Chetumal, Quintana Roo. Two women and three other men of Mexican nationality were also arrested along with the two Belizeans and the drug lord.

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