Two charged for beating of technician

30 year old Shawn Hemmans, a Tour guide of Belize City along with 39 year old Ivan Wilfred Fitzgibbon , a labourer of Belize City, are jointly charged with grievous harm upon 28 year old Belize City Technician, Justin Flowers who was badly beaten allegedly  by the pair on March 3, 2016 outside of Wong Gok Restaurant located on 6th Street, Belize City.  Flowers was attacked by three men, who punched him, hit him in the head with a Belikin bottle when he was on the ground and hit him in the mouth with a 2 by 4 piece of wood which knocked out several of his teeth. Fitzgibbon pleaded guilty to hitting Flowers in the head with the bottle but claimed it was Flowers who approached him first in a threatening manner, causing him to defend himself from a man he did not know. Hemmans, however, pleaded not guilty. Flowers claimed to be socializing when he was set upon by Hemmans, Fitzgibbon and another unidentified man whom police are searching for. Magistrate Mendoza will sentence Fitzgibbon on March 30. Hemmans, who returns to court on April 8, is now out on bail of $5,000 as of this morning after being denied bail yesterday.vlcsnap-2016-03-14-09h22m41s193 vlcsnap-2016-03-14-09h22m55s212

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