Two-day workshop held on REDD+ program






The Forest Department wants to impress on the nation of Belize to partake in a massive global movement that is known as REDD +, which stands for Reducing Carbon Emissions from Deforestation Forest Degradation- a big name, with a big cause. Belize, a developing country, is still at the beginning stages in becoming a member of this global movement. So far, Belize has established an official coordinator within the Forest Department to shepherd REDD+ activities in the country. Furthermore, Readiness Preparation Proposal has been drafted to start funding activities of REDD + in Belize.On Tuesday, at the George Price Centre, the opening ceremony of a two day workshop  was held for the REDD+ program. Dr. Wendel Parham, CEO for the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, spoke about the REDD+ movement in further detail.

Dr. Wendel Parham – CEO, Ministry of Forestry:

vlcsnap-2013-08-21-13h47m57s19Developing countries could only claim credits for deforestation and reforestation, buit not from avoided deforestation.  After a number of failed attempts to create incentives for avoided deforestation under the protocol, a renewed effort to include what later became REDD+ was launched at the conference of the parties in 2005.  However, so as to manage the expectations, REDD+ in Belize will be successful in so far as we collectively agree to put in place the political, institutional, and legal framework and mechanisms, for achieving the REDD+ objectives.


The program continued with the debut of the Belize REDD+ logo, which had been advertised as a competition.

The first and second place winners, Emanuel Pech and Bruno Chi, were at the ceremony, where they were both awarded for their contribution. Designer Emanuel Pech described the different aspects of his winning logo.

Emanuel Pech – Graphic Designer:

vlcsnap-2013-08-21-13h47m02s209I wanted the logo to represent Belize.  I wanted outsiders to look at the logo and say this is from Belize.  The overall look of the logo advocates friendliness and inclusiveness, which is one of the aims of REDD+.

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