Two dead; including 12 year old boy; shot and killed in gang wars

5 persons were shot on Wednesday night in Belize City. Two of them died; one is a 12 year old boy.  The first shooting happened on the corner of Cemetery Road and Pregnant Alley. 26 year old Lloyd Valentine and 12 year old David Morrison were both  killed. The other person injured in that shooting was  23 year old Albert  Wagner  He was shot

to the abdomen and is listed in a stable condition at KHMH. Police filled us in on what transpired.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC of NCIB: Valentine and David Morrison with multiple shots to the body they were pronounced dead upon arrival and we saw another male person Albert Wagner to the left of his rib area he was treated and we understand that he was discharged last night from the hospital .What police have gathered so far is that prior to this shooting they were socializing at the corner of san rich road and the pregnant Ali when a male person rode up the road on bicycle towards them and fired several shots causing the fatal injuries to Lloyd Valentine and to David Morrison and injuring Albert at the scene there police covered several expended shells and at present are looking for two male persons that can assist in these investigations.

In Belize City, at the corner of Pregnant Alley, there is a station where officers are posted since the area is a gang infested one. Police were asked where were the cops who were supposed to be posted in the area where the double murder occurred.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC of NCIB: Yes police was in the area and they were patrolling at the corner of Eufratis at cemetery road at the time of the incident and it did not took long for them to arrive on the scene, however upon the arrival the persons where already being placed on a mobile and were taken to the hospital .Yes it is a stationary patrol but we have to be mindful that they are not only to remain seated the entire tour of their duty they are responsible to patrol for that entire length and also behind Water Lane that is the area and their responsibility they do not only cover those two allies Pregnant alley nor Taylor’s alley they have to go all around cemetery and Water lane coming back to Moses street and again that entire circle that is the Area of their responsibility not directly in charge of those two alleys .

Police say they recovered nine expended shells at the scene of the crime.  The murder is believed to be as a result of gang wars involving Taylor Alley gangsters.

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