Two detained following aggressive robbery in PG

66 year old Fabian Martinez of Punta Gorda Town entered the Punta Gorda Town Police Station early Wednesday morning, at around 2 a.m. the elderly man had duct tape on his neck, both hands and legs. Martinez told police that at 11:30pm on Tuesday September 24, he was at work at Johnson Distributor’s located at the corner of Main and North Street, Punta Gorda Town. He says he was approached by three men. One pointed a firearm at Mr Martinez while the others proceeded to duct tape his mouth, hands and legs. They then carried Mr Martinez downstairs and searched him, taking his  cell phone. The culprits then placed Mr Martinez on the verandah where they left him. They escaped through the back of the building and Fabian Martinez says he heard a vehicle speed off. Mr Martinez later managed to release himself and make his way to the police station. Two persons of interest were detained pending investigation.

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