Two detained for north side vendor robberies

A minor and an eighteen year old were detained on the same Metro Bus by police for two separate robbery incidents. On Monday morning, two male persons attempted to rob the fruit vendor on Coney Drive at Anna Delia’s Food Shop. The robbery was foiled after the owner of the fruit stall boldly fought off the thieves. The culprits then fled the scene.  Minutes later, police arrested 18 year old Luis Beaton on a Metro Bus fleeing the scene. A minor was with Beaton at the time, who police also arrested for a separate robbery incident that occurred on the morning of July 18th at a tacos stall at miles 2 ½ on the Philip Goldson highway. According to Inspector Cowo, these men are believed to be a part of a group terrorizing the north side with robberies.

Alejandro Cowo, O.C. of N.C.I.B.: Reference to the attempted robbery of Mr. Carlos Ortiz, the fruit vendor on Coney Drive, police managed to detain a suspect minutes later on board of a bus, whilst he was traveling on Central American Boulevard. His name was learned to be Louis Miguel Beaton. Based on the investigation, police arrested and charged him for three offences (crimes); one for aggravated assault, one for attempted robbery and one for kept unlicensed firearm.

Reporter: Are you then seeking any other suspect or is Mr. Beaton the only suspect based on your investigation?

Alejandro Cowo, O.C. of N.C.I.B.: No, we are seeking for two more persons.

Reporter: Anything about a minor, including a minor?

Alejandro Cowo, O.C. of N.C.I.B.: A minor was detained, that other minor was arrested and charged likewise for the robbery of Griseldi Molina, the tacos lady, which occurred on the 18th of July in front of the Shell Office on the Philip Goldson Highway.

Reporter: Are these guys organized? Like is it one little group, a clique of criminals?

 Alejandro Cowo, O.C. of N.C.I.B.: Yes, we believe that it is that same group that has been plaguing the Northside of the city and their modus operandi again is scouting the vehicle that they want to hit and having a vehicle on standby waiting for them.

Cowo added that Police have installed several check points on the North Side of Belize City specifically to search Metro Buses and vans that criminals use to escape crime scenes.

Alejandro Cowo, O.C. of N.C.I.B.: Well, I know that there have been especially on the Northside, the police have set up several VCPs at the Chetumal bridge, the Coney drive and some part of the Philip Goldson Highway. It is with the intent of checking especially the dollar vans and these dollar buses that travels or frequent the UB area, the Belama area. These are the same mode of transport that these criminals are using to move from one area to the other area.

Police are seeking two more suspects in connection with these incidents.

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