Two Female Minors, Cousins, Go Missing at the Same Time

Belize police CapTwo female minors, cousins to each other, reportedly went missing after leaving their homes towards to go visit their aunt. According to police reports at around 4:30 pm on Sunday, May 4th, 15 year old Jennilee Cassasola, Belizean student, of Zacaranda Street, Belize City and 14 year old Shanda Garbutt, Belizean student of the same street address were given permission by their parent’s to visit their aunt, who lives in the same neighbourhood.

However up to the time of this report, the two female minors had not returned home.

Jennilee Cassasola is of brown complexion, slim built, brown eyes, shoulder length curly black hair, is about 4 ft., 11 inches in height and weighs about 115 lbs. with a scar on the right upper arm.  She was last seen wearing a purple and white off the shoulder blouse with black leggings and pink and purple sandals.

Shanda Garbutt is of clear complexion, Hispanic descent, medium built, long black curly hair, brown eyes, she is about 5ft 2 inches in height, weighs about 130 lbs and has some small moles on her face and a slightly big one to the right side of her mouth.

She was last seen wearing a light blue back out dress with black straps and gold and black sandals with a black purse that has a heart and a skeleton on the front.  Police are investigating.

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