Two ferries closed for repair







The Corozal/Progresso and the Copper Bank/Chunox ferry are both under repair.  There have been numerous complaints about the ferries being unsafe for both vehicles and humans. The damaged decks of these ferries are especially dangerous at night. On Tuesday, August 13th, the ferries were closed so that repairs could be made. However, this also means that regular commuters will be inconvenienced by the drastic change in route forcing people from Corozal town to travel down to Orange Walk Town and up through San Estevan to get to the villages of Chunox, Progresso, etc . Officials say that repairs on the Corozal /Progresso ferry may last two to three weeks, while the repairs on the Copper Bank/Chunox ferry is scheduled to finish next week. The photos which accompanied the story came courtesy Corozal Daily.

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