Two freed of murder charge

As a result of a key witness disclaiming his original statements, two men accused of murder became the latest to walk free. Justice Troadio Gonzalez today directed a jury of twelve to enter verdicts of not guilty of murder in favor of 25 year old Philip “Papi” Wallace and 21 year old Austin Underwood. 19 year old Darrell Williams, Jr, was shot at by two approaching men on bicycles while standing at a Chinese shop on Central American Boulevard in the evening of February 1, 2010. Also shot were 64 year old Stephen Rhamdas, who lived across the street, his granddaughter Janay Moguel, a student of Grace Primary School who was left paralyzed by a bullet in her left shoulder, and 32 year old Robert Howard in the nose. Williams became brain dead and during trial his mother Twilla McKoy asked attending physician Dr. John Sosa to remove Williams from life support around 3:13 in the afternoon of February 2, after which he died. According to McKoy, she was at home making tortillas when she heard gunfire and then someone say that it was Darrell, her son, who had been shot. She then went outside and met the wounded Darrell Williams and her other sons in the yard. Darrell had run from the shop after being shot back to his residence. However, the sole eyewitness first failed to appear in court when summoned and was brought in on a bench warrant. He told the court as a hostile witness that he cannot remember giving a statement to police about what he allegedly saw and when shown the statement purported to be his, said that the signature on the statement was not his. After the prosecution closed its case, defense counsel for the accused, Kathleen Lewis and Oscar Selgado, submitted that their clients do not have a case to answer to. Justice Gonzalez upheld their submissions and he directed the jury to return a formal verdict of not guilty.

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