Two Guatemalan fishermen caught fishing illegally in southern Belize

Park rangers of the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment along with personnel of the Belize Coast Guard arrested two Guatemalans who were fishing illegally near the Rio Grande in southern Belize. The fishermen tried to escape, but the patrol team was equipped and mobilized quickly to apprehend them. The two Guatemalan fishermen had no licenses for fishing in Belize and were also using illegal fishing gear within the marine reserve. The men had over 2 miles of long lines with 400 hooks in water and additional long lines with 413 hooks in their possession. The men were brought back to Toledo and were today arraigned in the Punta Gorda Town Magistrate’s court where they were read the following charges: Use of long lines within Port Honduras Marine Reserve, Vessel without distinguishing marks, Fishing without fisher-folk license, and No boat license for a total charges per person: $3,520.00. If the 2 men fail to pay it may result in 2 years imprisonment. The fishing vessel and all equipment on vessel was forfeited. PlusNews understands that the Immigration department will also be pursuing Immigration charges against the men later this week.

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