Two held for deadly Ladyville bar fight

A night out for two laborers in Ladyville ended tragically when both of them were stabbed during a fight, one fatally. Police visited the Blue House Bar on the road side at Mile 9, Philip Goldson Highway, and found 41 year old Wilmer Antonio Cisneros, a supervisor for M&M Engineering from Western Paradise, on the Western Highway, apparently dead of stab wounds to the chest and abdoen. His companion, 30 year old Nicaraguan construction worker of Belize City Roger Jimenez, was also hurt with stab wounds. Police believe the men got into a fight with security guards over reportedly not paying their way into the nightclub, but there is a question of who pulled a weapon first and therefore who may be at fault. We hear more from Superintendent of Police in charge of Criminal Investigation Branch Hilberto Romero.

Supt. Hilberto Romero –  Head, CIB, Eastern Divisionmark27.4.15d

“Investigation has so far revealed that they were approached by the security guards of the establishment regarding the payment for the entrance fee. That led to the fight and at some point, somebody pulled out a knife and inflicted the injuries on the other person, Roger Jimenez and the deceased, Cisneros.”


“How does police charge or determine which is an appropriate action when a fight like this happens? Is it the point of aggravation or is it when it escalates?”

Supt. Hilberto Romero

“An entire investigation has to be conducted… a throe investigation and at the conclusion of that investigation. In this case, we will file a report to the DPP and they will decide what appropriate charge, if any, is to be levied. The two  persons are to remain in custody at this time. “



“Is it because the persons are alleging its self-defence that’s why it has to be filed?”

Supt. Hilberto Romero

“There is some issue of that sort, that is why we are filing it to the DPP.”

Police investigations continue and two men are in custody. Any decision on charges will come after the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office peruses the file.

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