Two injured after car slams into concrete wall

Two Santa Elena residents were injured on Saturday May 21st after the car they were travelling in slammed into the concrete wall by the San Ignacio market. Police say they were called out to Savannah Street, San Ignacio, near the low wooden bridge area sometime around 4 o’clock Saturday morning where a blue Toyota Corolla 4 door car had cslammed into the Market Wall. Trapped inside the vehicle were the driver, 34-year-old Patrick Lewis Gordon who was in an unconscious state and passenger 23-year-old Gardina Teck who was crying for help.  Police say that according to their investigation,  Gordon was driving his 4 door car and after crossing the low lying wooden bridge from Santa Elena to San Ignacio, he lost control of the vehicle and swerved directly into the solid concrete wall in the San Ignacio Market Square area. With the assistance of the Fire Department both persons were removed from the vehicle and transported to the San Ignacio Community Hospital for medical attention. Gardina received a broken right leg and a broken left wrist and Patrick received a cut wound on his left knee and complained of pain all over his body. Police investigation continues.

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