Two injured in Belize City shooting

The latest shooting incident in Belize City has left two men recuperating at the KHMH. On Saturday, sometime around 2:30pm., Steve Philly and Tyrone Barcellona were fixing up a vehicle and socializing on Iguana Street in Belize City. While they were working on the car, a black Nissan Altima drove beside them, and two men exited firing shots in their direction. ASP Alejandro Cowo gave us an update.vlcsnap-2018-01-09-14h53m52s990 vlcsnap-2018-01-09-14h53m41s200

ASP Alejandro Cowo, National CIB:

We had a shooting on Saturday evening. Some time after 3pm police responded to two persons being injured as a result they proceeded to the KHMH, where they observed Mr. Steve Philly with several apparent gunshot wounds to the body and another person by the name of Tyrone Barcellona with an apparent gunshot wound to the upper shoulder. Mr. Barcelona was admitted and later on discharged himself from the KHMH and Mr. Philly is listed in a critical condition at this moment. So far police were able to understand that on that date sometime after 3 they were doing some mechanic works on a vehicle that was parked on the Iguana Street when a black in color vehicle just stopped beside them and fired several shots at their direction causing the injuries to Mr. Philly and Mr. Barcellona. So far police found the vehicle yesterday at the corner of North Creek and Central American Boulevard. It was impounded and processed. Police at the scene found 9 expended shells and inside of the vehicle they found 2 expended shells. Three persons so far have been detained and will be charged sometime this afternoon or early tomorrow morning. 

Police currently have 3 people in custody pending charges.

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