Two men in jail following armed robbery of fruit vendors

Two men, one of whom is an eighteen year old student, are tonight behind bars, after they allegedly robbed three fruit vendors at gun point. It happened just before 6 o’clock on Tuesday night, when a fruit vendor, along with two friends, who work with him, were standing on the corner on King Street and Amara Avenue. The vendor told Police that two dark skinned men approached them and pointed a silver hand gun to the left side of his chest and demanded money. He gave them a little over ten dollars but it seems that wasn’t enough for the thief, vlcsnap-2013-05-16-19h52m30s65who began to beat the vendor. The perpetrators then robbed the other two vendors, taking a cell phone,from one and a hundred dollars from the other. The thieves then darted down King Street, but they didn’t get far. Police captured them and retrieved a .25 caliber pistol. 18 year old Ijaman Young and 24 year old Tarique Cadle were jointly charged with kept firearm without a gun license, (3) counts of robbery, (3) counts of aggravated assault and stolen goods. Cadle is no stranger to the law – in 2008 he was charged for armed robbery and in 2009 for attempted murder; he was acquitted of the charge in 2012.

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