Two men in prison after alleged shootout with Police

vlcsnap-2013-04-02-20h40m46s185Two men are in prison tonight, after an alleged shootout with Police. 30 year old Dane Enriquez and 23 year old Alexander Underwood were jointly charged with one count of attempted murder upon PC Raphael Abraham. Enriquez was additionally charged with the attempted murder of PC Juan Morales and damage to property to wit. The men were arraigned in Magistrate’s court this evening and while no plea was taken for the indictable offenses, Enriquez, who was slapped with three other offenses, plead not guilty. Again, due to the nature of the offenses, bail could not be offered and so they were remanded to prison, until their next court date – May 29. Today, Underwood, vlcsnap-2013-04-02-20h40m51s248who appeared badly beaten and limping when we was taken to court, is said to have been shot by police. The incident happened on Saturday. Police have not released an official report on the incident.

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