Two Men Shot on a Farm During Alleged Burglary

police badge 2There were two more killings this weekend, but the circumstances surrounding these murders are a bit confusing. It appears, at least in the first instance, that a burglar entered the wrong building and was killed by the property owner.

The incident happened at Johnson’s Farm situated on the outskirts of  Carmelita Village, Orange Walk District. On Friday evening, 50-year-old  Edison Johnson, a Belizean businessman of Guinea Grass Village, called the police to his property and handed over a 12 gauge shotgun, cartridges and his gun license to the Police.

He told the police that while on his farm, he encountered two men burglarizing his property and in the process he fired a shot in their direction and saw one of the men fall to the ground.

Upon arrival, the police observed the body of 23-year-old Luke Cox of Carmelita Village Orange Walk District.    On the scene, the cops found one 12 gauge expended cartridge.

The licensed shotguns along with 12 gauge cartridges were kept as exhibit. But the following day, on Saturday morning, police were back again at Johnson’s Farm where approximately 300 to 400 yards away from where the body of Luke Cox was found, another body of a male person identified as  24-year-old Saul Garcia was found with multiple gunshot wounds.

The body was transported to the Northern Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. On Sunday, police  arrested and charged 50-year-old Edison Johnson Belizean businessman of Guinea Grass Village, Orange Walk District with two counts of murder.

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