Two Ministry of Works Employees Die in Fatal Collision

The weekend begins with tragedy after two persons died in a head on collision on the George Price Highway this evening, Friday November 28.

The fatal accident occurred at around 2:00 pm between miles 46 and 47 on the George Price Highway, involving two employees from the Ministry of Works; 20 year old Orlando Pascascio; and Ishmael Hoare, known also as John John from the Village of Camalote.

Reports are that the two men were travelling from the Direction of Belize City to Belmopan. Eyewitnesses reported seeing the white vehicle speeding when apparently it lost control and swerved into the other lane.

As a result, a small white Hyundai cargo truck on its way to Belize City collided into the passenger’s side of the small white vehicle owned by MADISCO in Belmopan.

Orlando Pascascio and Ishmael Hoare, both of Camalote Village, are believed to have died on impact.

The driver of the small cargo truck, Joselito Serano of Armenia Village, survived the impact, but was bleeding profusely when we arrived at the scene.

Emergency Service was immediately called, but as is often the case, the one ambulance assigned to the Western Regional Hospital, was in Belize City making transfers. Two ambulances responded; one from BES, a private emergency service from Belmopan, and another B.E.R.T. from Spanish Lookout.

Police officers along with the fire-fighters and the medics, who responded to the scene, laboured to pry open the door of the cargo truck that trapped Joselito Serano inside.

At about 2:30 pm, Serano was finally rescued from the wreckage and whisked away to emergency ward.

It took a little while longer to remove the lifeless bodies of Orlando Pascascio and Ishmael Hoare from the wreckage of the small white vehicle. The bodies were taken to the Western Regional Hospital where they were pronounced dead.

A post-mortem examination is in order.


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