Two minors shot by cop following armed robbery

2 minors and another male person were apprehended by Belize City police officers while trying to escape the scene of a robbery they had allegedly committed. Reports are that sometime round 6:30 last night, 34 year old security guard Dion Gentle had just arrived at his office at Harpie Security on Antelope Extension when he was approached by two male persons, one of who placed a firearm to his head. The armed man took away a bag from the security guard. That bag reportedly contained two .38 revolver, a hand held radio and other items. The quick response of police officers led to the detention of three male persons at the Lord Ridge Cemetery.  During the apprehension, police reportedly shot two of the robbers: a 17-year-old Belizean minor was shot to the right leg while a 16-year-old minor was shot to the right upper thigh. The third person, 23 year old Harry Montero, was unhurt. The wounded minors were transported to the KHMH where they are presently in stable conditions under police guard. Police were able to recover the two .38 revolvers and a bag containing a hand held radio. Police investigation continues.

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