Two More Accidents Thicken the List of Tragedies

Police van accidentThere were two other accidents.   In the very early morning of Christmas, four police officers from Belmopan attached to the Special Patrol Unit were driving up from Belize City when they came upon a blue Toyota van off the left side of the George Price Highway facing Hattieville, apparently stranded.  They went to investigate when a black Geo Prizm being driven by 29 year old Oscar Erazo of Ladyville, suddenly came up and hit the back of the van.   A total of seven persons were injured.

Police Corporal Gomez complained of back pain; colleague Constable Mortis also complained of back pain, and Constable K. Grefella complained of pain from the waist down and had to be hospitalized.  The driver of the stranded van, Amilcar Calderon, complained of pain to the left foot.  Among Oscar Erazo’s traveling companions, two minors, 17 year old Hector Miranda and 16 year old Edgar Alvarez suffered aches and pains in their legs, head, and back, while the others were not hurt.

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