Two more persons shot in Belize City

Just three hours later, another shooting left two persons injured; this time on Police Street. 29 year old Emmerson Garnett was shot to the right upper part of the chest while Houston Apolonio received a graze to the left shoulder. Both were taken to the KHMH for treatment. Police told us more.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC of NCIB: The first person police observed was Houston Apolonio – he had a graze at his upper shoulder, right shoulder and he was treated and discharged last night.  The other male person that suffered injuries is Mr. Emerson Garnett.  He received three gunshots to the body. He is admitted in a critical condition at this moment.  What we understand so far is that two of them were socializing at police street when a male person rode on bicycle and from a distance fired several shots at their direction. As a result there was another civilian in the area who upon seeing what was happening took out his firearm and fired a shot at the male person that did the shooting. Police processed that area likewise and found several expended shells at the scene.

Reporter: Can you confirm that this incident involved an off-duty BDF Officer?


ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC of NCIB: Yes he was one of the persons that were involved. That person there, he was in the area when the incident happened and he took out his service issued weapon and fired a shot in the area.

Police retrieved 10 expended shells from the scene and are still trying to determine motive.

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