Two Outstanding Officers and one Citizen Awarded by Police Department

The Belize Police Department awarded two of their outstanding officers and one outstanding citizen this morning. An award ceremony was held at Scotchies restaurant today to honor PC Javier Alvarez and PC Dirham Gonzalez, for the months of January and February.  Mr. Joe Mena was also recognized for being an outstanding citizen throughout 2017. Plus News spoke to OC Howell Gillett about today’s ceremony.  

OC Howell Gillett, Belmopan

In January we saw PC Javier Alvarez going outside the Box in terms of all that he did for police in Belmopan and it seems that what he did in January PC Durham Gonzales he took up from there so he has been rewarded for the month of February of this year. W want to encourage this type of program that we have here at the Belmopan police because when our officers do wrong we are very quick and very stiff and hence the reason why the complaints against police, both for corruption or abuse of authority, is very low.  Mr. Mena has been very good to us throughout 2017. As a matter of fact there have been many citizens who have been there for us through 2017 but the management committee decided that Mr. Mena is the most outstanding and we have rewarded him here today.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr. Noel Leal was also in attendance delivering certificates and monetary awards.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr. Noel Leal

I am always very proud of when the police do positive things like this and they are recognized for it. As Mr. Gillette pointed out, sometimes there are little flaws. We may have little news that is not to be proud of. It is very minor and we look at the bigger picture for the betterment of the community

The Police Department will recognize outstanding officers on a monthly basis.

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