Two perish in traffic accident

vlcsnap-5245-11-07-19h14m05s522A fatal traffic accident in the Orange Walk district has claimed the lives of a young man and a young woman, both residents of Carmelita. The accident occurred on Saturday January 2nd just outside Carmelita village. Witnesses say that Lea Crawford and Adrian Wade were on the vlcsnap-3120-05-30-17h03m51s873highway on a bicycle when a vehicle collided into them.  Leah Crawford was a teacher at Guinea Grass Government school. Reports are that the vehicle sped off after hitting the two. However, his vehicle received extensive damage to the radiator and came to a halt about a mile from the scene of the accident. An angry mob caught up to the driver and we were told they put a beating on him. Police have confirmed that the driver of the vehicle was Perry Gibson.

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