Two persons detained after searches in Belize City

vlcsnap-2013-10-08-10h18m46s254On Friday, the Precinct Two Quick Response Team in the old capital, conducted an anticrime operation targeting known criminal elements and crime ridden areas. The team searched some thirteen yards and made two detentions.  A searched of an empty bushy lot situated on Lavender Street, led to the discovery of a  black plastic bag wrapped with brown tape, inside seven small black plastic were found, all containing suspected Cannabis. When weighed, the drugs amounted to a little over 16lbs. Further search of the area led to discovery of a .38 Taurus Revolver with three live rounds. Also discovered were a silver pan containing (41) .38 live rounds and a transparent plastic container containing (90) 5.56 live rounds of ammunitions. No one was found in the immediate area and as results the drugs, firearm and ammunitions were all deposited as found property at Precinct Two Station. The firearm and ammunitions, says Police, are believed to a part of the arsenal of the criminal gang that operates within the area, while the stash of drugs belong to a known drug peddler of the said area.

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