Two persons detained for double murder in Roaring Creek





The case of the double murder that occurred on Saturday some minutes before noon, still raises a lot of questions. The victims,  25 year old Philippino  National Arly Rose Sardido and63 year old American retiree David Lowel Reichel were both found dead floating  near the Roaring Creek river, she on Saturday and he on Monday. We also heard from the police that the two bodies were found with apparent injuries. Arly Sardido was found with a swollen forehead, while David Reichel was found with several cut wounds to the face and one large cut wound to his back. We were also informed from police officials that they believe that robbery was the sole motive for this heinous crime. On Wednesday, word was out that three persons- teenagers to be specific- were arraigned in court Wednesday evening in regards to the double murder. However, Martinez’s records say otherwise

Louis Wade – Plus TV:

“Would you please tell us a little bit about the three people, I understand, two males and one female that went before the court sometime today?   Is it in regards to the killing of the American or the Philippino?

vlcsnap-2013-10-03-07h22m40s136Sinquest Martinez – Commanding Officer, Belmopan Police Formation:





Louis Wade:

“Nobody gone to court today?”

Reporter 2: “Just an update, sir, on exact those investigations. Has anybody been detained for any of those crimes?

Sinquest Martinez:

“Yes, we have people.   We have two persons detained for the double murder in Roaring Creek that happened on Saturday”.

He is still convinced that the motive of the crime was theft.

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