Two persons shot off their motorbikes; one dies

During our newscast last night, information was still coming in about a late evening shooting that happened on Agripino Cawich bridge on the Valley of Peace road not too far from the George Price Highway.  Our news crew was still on the scene at our news time but today we have the full story. Emanuel Pech reports.

vlcsnap-2015-09-09-00h12m01s12Emanuel Pech- Reporter: I’m standing on the Agripino Cawich bridge where just yesterday evening at around 5:30 pm a man and a woman were shot as they were crossing the bridge on the way to Valley of Peace. Today, blood could still be seen stained on the side of the bridge, a grim reminder of the murder of 23 year old Devin Neal Flowers who was making his way home in Valley of Peace on his red motorcycle along with 30 year old Soila Portilla of the same village. Inspector Octaviano Victorino, Officer in Charge of the Roaring Creek Police station is heading the case.

Octaviano Victorino- Head of Roaring Creek Police: Mr. Flowers was travelling on his motorcycle heading to Valley of Peace. Upon reaching, almost crossing the bridge, a masked man dressed vlcsnap-2015-09-09-00h12m28s20in a camouflage jacket exited from the bush and pointed a gun at him firing several shots which caught him in his left temple. Unfortunately, another person, the female that was passing by with her motorcycle also got injured.

Emanuel Pech: First responders say Flowers was still alive a few minutes after they shot him. Authorities recovered from the scene a total of 10 expended shells of a 9 millimeter pistol. One of those shots caught Soila Portilla to the left arm and at least three caught Flowers, who authorities believe was the main target. Soila Portillo remains at the Western Regional Hospital in a stable condition. Meanwhile,  family members of Devin Flowers are left to mourn the passing of their beloved son and brother, the middle child in a family of five.

Alexia Neal (Sister): After 5 is when he normally gets out from work. He was heading home to be with his family but on hisvlcsnap-2015-09-09-00h13m02s89 way my dad said that he saw him and my dad told him that he will be right back and my brother said he would wait but for some reason he did not. He carried on and he proceeded home, but that is his normal route to home because he currently residing at Valley of Peace. He was heading home. No one knew that that would be his last day. No one knew that that would be his last mile, his last words. No one knew that that would be the last day we would see him. It’s very very sad.

 Anthony Flowers (Brother): It left me shock because it happened so fast. When vlcsnap-2015-09-09-00h12m53s15they give me the phone call I never believe it until I see the man inna the pickup back laying down dead. I still neva believe it when I saw him dead in the pickup. It left yoh shock.

 Emanuel Pech: How is the family going to get through a tragedy like this?

Anthony Flowers (Brother): Bwai, I nuh sure. But I pray that God give we strength fu mek we bear the loss. This isn’t something easy. We have to try leave it to the Lord, leave it in God’s hands and pray that God comfort we through the whole thing.

Emanuel Pech: Police have no motive for the murder but sources have indicated that it might be related somehow to one of the recent murders that took place in the village. We asked Inspector Victorino about the possibility.

Octaviano Victorino: Well you see we police we cannot procrastinate, we need to investigate and then find the motive for each crime. I am not in position to join the 2 murders that had occurred. I, like weh I tell you, the investigation reveals for eachvlcsnap-2015-09-09-00h12m18s174 incident that took place.

Emanuel Pech: The family however, though they say they have no idea why someone would want to take the life of Devin Flowers, are convinced their brother’s murder is not connected to any of the recent murders.

Anthony Flowers (Brother): I can’t  say the man da wah innocent person. Nobody nuh innocent. Whatever he mi di do out deh, only God know. If he mi had any problem with anybody ,any type a problem they way deh. He use to have problem but I talk to ah and tell ah  nuh mess with nobody if you nuh have to. If people nuh di mess with you nuh trouble people so yoh co stay outta problem.

 Alexia Neal (Sister): Well my brother wasn’t troublesome. He was a very hard working person, energetic. He was very courageous, confident, he had big plans. He was changing his life. He was always family oriented to begin with but he was slowed down, he was slowing down from a lot of company and spend more time at home with his kids. He had 2 beautiful baby girls and he was a very special person and we will miss him. All of us will miss him dearly. He meant the world to us and his presence made you feel very good and he filled the room with laughter and joy. That was my brother. That is what I can say about him. I don’t know who would want to take his life, I don’t know for what reason.

Emanuel Pech: The body of 23 year old Devin Flowers remains at the Western Regional Hospital awaiting a postmortem examination. Reporting for Plus News , Emanuel Pech.

Funeral Arranges for the deceased are being made for Friday September 11th.

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