Two San Pedro cops arrested for armed robbery

Last week we reported on a San Pedro tourist’s allegations that uniformed San Pedro police robbed him at gun point. As we said, police were investigating the matter and have now charged two of their own. They are PC Denfield Nelson Ramos, charged with Theft, Extortion and Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Special Constable Orlando Mendez, charged with Theft and Extortion. Both men pled not guilty to the charges. Ramos’ charge is an indictable offense and so no bail could be offered and he was remanded while Mendez was offered bail of $5,000 dollars.  According to the San Pedro Sun, the third officer, PC Malcolm Ramirez, was to be charged with Abetment to Theft and Extortion, but has agreed to testify against his colleagues in exchange for immunity. The charges stem from a complaint by 28 year old American Timothy Braun who says that on the night of Thursday, June 15th, he was in downtown San Pedro smoking a cigarette when the three uniformed police officers pulled up in a golf cart and accused him of smoking marijuana. They hand cuffed him and instead of taking him to the station, they took him to a dark area where a gun was placed to his head. He was threatened with his life if he did not hand over money. He told the cops his money was at his apartment and so the cops took him there where they ransacked his place and after finding $500 US, divided the money between themselves. vlcsnap-00183 vlcsnap-00184

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