Two Separate Incidents, one Dead,Three Hospitalized in the South

Reporter Harry Arzu-  Dangriga Correspondent for Plus TV

vlcsnap-2014-03-12-18h24m40s112“40 year old, a resident of Placencia village succumbed to injuries he sustained while working on a fiberglass boat yesterday.  Police from the peninsula reported that shortly before midday, Vernon, a fisherman and a tour guide from the said community was repairing a vessel at the bank of the lagoon with an electrical grinder.  When he lost control of it, and accidentally received a large cut wound a to his right leg, which was so severe that it affected a main artery that caused him to bleed profusely.  Vernon was rushed to the Independence village poli-clicnic, but died even before reaching Malacate in the said village.  His body now awaits a post mortem examination at the Southern Regional Hospital Morgue in Dangriga.   In other related news, a boating incident near the Independence village left three persons with minor injuries.  Police say that the incident happened shortly after 5:00 p.m.  They reported that three persons were fishing inj a canoe when three persons were accidentally hit the canoe.  As a result, the trio were taken for treatment at the policlinic and were later released”.

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