Two shot attempting to flee onslaught of bullets

vlcsnap-2013-02-18-19h47m08s74The Brother of  Shelton “Pinky” Tillet was shot on Friday as well. At 3:40pm on Friday Feb 15th, 34yr old Kenroy Tillett and 32yr old Alton Roches, were doing repairs on pickup parked on Neal Penn Road. A dark complexion male person rode up on a bicycle and fired several shots in their direction.  Tillett and Roches jumped into the vehicle in an attempt to flee the obnslaught of bullets, but bullets penertrated the vehicle and Roches was shot to the left side of the abdomen while Tillett was shot to the left side of the neck and hand.  The pickup truck was riddled. Both men were transported to the K.H.M.H. where they were admitted in a critical condition.  Police recovered (10) 9mm expended shells from the scene.


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