Two small boys drown over the weekend

Two little boys lost their lives in separate drowning incidents over the weekend. One took place  in Belize City and the other in the Ladyville area. We begin in Belize City where according to police, nineteen year old Tanya Leslie of Mahogany Street discovered her baby son’s head inside a bucket of water, apparently drowned. Today Leslie told PLUS News that she had gone outside to pick up some money from a friend and left her two sons inside. She narrates what happened next.

Tanya Leslie – Mother of dead child:
vlcsnap-2013-05-06-20h56m15s255I got a phone call and they told me to come outside for the money and when I was out there I realized that only one of my sons was by the door. I went back into the kitchen I saw my son in the bucket and I pulled him out. I squeezed his stomach and I saw that water came out of his mouth like he was choking water and he was still alive. I ran out of the house and ran into a taxi and the taxi had four persons. He took me to the hospital and he blew and blew his horn through the streets and he was telling me to wake him up and I was shaking him to wake him up. When I got to the hospital I ran straight inside and to a doctor. The doctor took him in and by that time his mouth already had foam. About ten doctors were around attending to the baby and after a while I saw that they put the thing around his mouth and they pumped him for ten minutes. After that they took it off and they told me that he didn’t make it and they made me hold him. When I was holding him he still looked like he was alive. After that they took him to the morgue.

Leslie says that baby Kyle fought hard, but the doctors determined that there was nothing more they could do for him. Police say they detained Leslie afterward but she was released on Sunday after neighbours and friends vouched for her.

Tanya Leslie – Mother of dead child:
vlcsnap-2013-05-06-20h46m54s21When they picked me up on Friday and they detained me – they asked me one question in five different ways and they just said that they would detain me for 48 hours for the complete investigation to be over. When the mobile came for me at the Police station they asked me three questions. They asked “Do you believe in God? I told them ‘Yes’. They said ‘Do you know when your baby dies that it’s a sin’. I told him ‘I know it’s a sin because I go to church’. So he said that they would release me because they couldn’t find any evidence of brutality that I did it. They interviewed several people to find out what happened. All of them were positive and gave the same answers like I gave them, in separate rooms.  I think that’s why they released me.  They said the investigation was up.  I don’t know what will happen after this, ’cause I don’t know how I’ll bury him.

Kyle Leslie is survived by his mother and older brother.

The second drowning incident took place in the Fresh Pond area of Burrell Boom, Belize District.  Police say the body of five year old Guatemalan student David Alexander Cruz was retrieved from a pond some one hundred yards from his residence. It was his mother, Salvadoran Elvis Raquel Carcamo who pulled her child out of the pond  on Saturday afternoon.  According to Cruz’s uncle Jose Tobar, the boy and his siblings were playing near the pond while the mother was out fighting a wild fire that she had been told was threatening to burn her house.

Jose Tobar – Baby’s Uncle;
vlcsnap-2013-05-06-21h25m46s47Someone set a wild-fire to the back of the house. It was burning and then she tried to put it out.  She was preventing the house from burning.  He got his two daughters and his son, my little brother was with him. the baby, David, was with him.
The problem was that the baby David gave him the life jacket that he had and then they went. His sisters and my little brother didn’t conscious that he stayed at the back so when they were looking for him they realize they couldn’t find him. His sister Giselle went to the pond and she vlcsnap-2013-05-06-21h46m20s106saw a hand in the water that’s when they called her mother and told them that her brother was in the pond.

Usually the children have a life-jacket and adult supervision with them, but on this day young David gave the jacket to someone else. His uncle says that the whole thing was an unfortunate accident and not child neglect.

Jose Tobar – Baby’s Uncle;
vlcsnap-2013-05-06-21h25m31s144Well actually it’s an accident because its the only boy that his mother has and she loves him and he was the man of the house.   Sometimes he scold his own father because sometimes he would do his wrong thing.  He would encourage his own father. I’m sorry.  It’s just touching me.

Police have officially classified the incident as a drowning and foul play is apparently not suspected.

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