Two Teenagers Apprehended After Foiled Robbery Attempt

vlcsnap-2014-06-04-18h03m41s129Quick police response led to the apprehension of two would be robbers, teenagers for that matter.  According to police reports on Wednesday, June 4th, at a store located at Santiago Juan Lay Out Area, San Ignacio, a 41 year old woman, while inside her kitchen, heard her daughter- in- law scream from within the shop.

Upon investigating she reportedly saw a male person of dark complexion with half his body through the burglar bars taking money from the cash pan. The woman hit the person who dropped the cash pan.

Then she saw a second male person of dark complexion standing in the same building with a black gun which he pointed at her demanding she hand over the money.

The woman then reportedly told her daughter- in -law to hand her the gun.  Upon hearing this, the two persons reportedly took off escaping through the front door on foot.  Police continue to investigate.

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