Two youths allege Police harassment

The Easter weekend is normally a time for relaxation. But two Belize City youths who sought that good time in Mango Creek found themselves rounded up by police who they allege made a sport of torturing and harassing them. 19 year old Adrian Daniels and a 15 year old minor today gave their lengthy account of the incident to PLUS News in off-camera interviews. In summary, they had gone out to buy at a neighboring shop when police rounded them up and several others to be detained. The others were eventually let go but Daniels and the minor were held for 48 hours in Independence, then told they would be let go, only to be taken to various locations on the Southern Highway via vehicle until they arrived in an area behind Hopkins. Daniels says he watched as the minor was forced into a hole in the ground, then he was taken a half mile away and released, only to have three gunshots fired after him. Daniels spent the rest of the night in hiding in the area, unsuccessfully seeking assistance from neighbors. Eventually, he was taken to make a report with Internal Affairs who is investigating.

Adrian Daniels:
vlcsnap-2013-04-03-19h57m01s196We just left from Internal Affairs yesterday, and they tell we they’ll deal with it.  They take statements from me and this young man right here.
They don’t say nothing if they would make we identify who are ina the vehicle or who may in charge.
We know their face. We never forgot their face.

According to the minor, he was eventually left alone by the officers who demanded he stay where he was. He says he feels that  he and his friend were targeted because they came from Belize City.

To the best of our knowledge the matter is now under investigation.

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