Two Youths and a Female Minor Get Shot in Belize City


gun shootingThree persons, including a female minor, were shot in Belize City.  According to police reports, on Sunday March 16th at  around 8:30 p.m. 24-year-old Justin Orellano, 18-year-old Kenyon Moss, and a female minor of Belize City, were sitting on a car which was parked on the Basketball Court on North Creek, Belize City.

That is  when two male persons came riding on North Creek from the direction of Central American Boulevard, on separate bicycles.

One of the male persons stopped on North Creek, took out a firearm and fired several shots in their direction. Orellano was shot twice to the lower back. 18-year-old Kenyon Moss was shot to the right thigh and a 17 year old female minor was shot to the right knee.

We spoke to the female minor explained that she was watching some guys playing basketball when all hell broke loose. According to her story, the following is what she shared:

vlcsnap-2014-03-17-18h46m09s144Female Minor- Victim of Shooting

“We see like wa car pass, but nobody mih di pay no mind; only one person mih dih pay it mind and he seh dih car luk suspicious.  The, two minutes afta dat, I see my two male frend deh weh geh shat, I see dehn run!  Bo, I no dih pay it no mind.  I think dehn just dih chase deh or I no nuo.  So when I see deh run, I run too.  So, same time I just see a gunshat and I dih run eenah dih yaad.  Then I stop and I toon rong fuh see who dih shat aata wi, bo’ I ckeah see da who.  So, when I toon rong, I feel like I drap pahn dih grong, bo’ I no tink I don ge’ shat awreddy.  So, I just get up and I run eena dih yaad.  One weh mih dih siddong, see I drap right fronta he awreddy.  He as me if I gae shat.  Den I see the blood pah my pans and daa how I nuo I gae shattup’.

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