U-15 National Football Team return on Monday

vlcsnap-2013-08-23-10h16m20s192The U-15 National Football Team- coined the Baby Jaguars- did not qualify for the second round of the U-15 CONCACAF tournament. However, the level of performance that they displayed in the tournament was outstanding and must be commended. President of the FFB Ruperto Vicente has recently returned from the Cayman Island, where the tournament was held. He told us more.

Ruperto Vicente – FFB President:

vlcsnap-2013-08-23-10h03m37s235They were extremely disappointed when they lost against Guatemala, one – nil, ‘cause they had hoped to win that game. Had we won that game, we would have gone on to the next round of the tournament.  Certainly a win against Grenada was a sure one for us.  But the players are excited about their participation, and we’re happy for what they have accomplished.  They played four games, and out of those four games they won three.  That’s a magnificent achievement for our football team.


Mr Vicente said that the team was supposed to be here already, however, because of the teams good discipline, good behaviour and overall performance on the field, CONCACAF has awarded the Baby Jaguars with a longer luxurious stay in Grand Cayman. Vicente explains the extravagant activities that have been prepared by the Belizean Community in the island for the team during their stay

Ruperto Vicente – FFB President:

vlcsnap-2013-08-23-10h08m02s60Last night they went to a movie, and they enjoyed that.  Today they’re going to the resort and watch the dolphins as well.  Tomorrow we’re going to have a beach party for them.  Then on Saturday they’re going to fly to another section of Grand Cayman, [Cayman Bac]..  There they will play a friendly against the Grand Cayman Team.  Then on Sunday there’s going to be another activity for them, and then they come home on Monday.  They’ll arrive at the Philip Goldson   International Airport at 1:05 pm.  So we’re looking forward to welcoming them home.


Whilethe Belize Football Federation has been known to have a lot of internal conflicts in the past, over the course of this year, the federation has been given a lot of applause due to its accomplishments. Ruperto Vicente explained to us the follow up initiatives that should go into effect before the end of this year.

Ruperto Vicente – FFB President:

vlcsnap-2013-08-23-10h25m17s189We intend, at this point, to invest in youth development.  CONCACAF is coming in next week on the 28th, and we’re going to start the Grassroots Program.  We’re going to be training Grassroots Coaches, and there’s going to be a festival right here at the Federation Headquarters at the end of next week, to celebrate what has been accomplished in the Grassroots Program.  That’s where we’re going.  Then we’re going to establish the Academies in each District.  FIFA is now going to be financing that for us. The U15, the U17, and the U21 Tournaments, CONCACASF is going to be financing that for us.   So we are moving ahead with youth development in football for this country.

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