U.S. Fleet team donates eight Seabee boats to the BDF

vlcsnap-2013-02-28-19h55m55s196Earlier this week we told you about the U.S. Fleet team that is in Belize working with the BDF to strengthen civil and maritime capabilities in our seas. We told you about several initiatives they have been conducting – building a multipurpose open bay structure called a seahut, providing materials for two additional buildings and training the BDF to better prepare them in combating criminal activities. One such activity is human trafficking. Most recently, Cabinet has passed two pieces of legislation that tightens up the prosecution process for persons violating our human trafficking laws, while at the same time, granting stiffer penalties to those convicted. To further boot efforts against this illegal activity, the U.S. Fleet team, that is scheduled to remain in the country for a couple more days, has donated eight Seabee boats to the BDF. Seabee boats are jet propelled, low profile reconnaissance boats used in rivers. This initiative part of a longstanding partnership between the US and the Government of Belize.

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