UB Board of Trustees says draft audit requires management input

For the past week, we have been hearing concerns from the University Of Belize Faculty and Staff Association regarding the recent UB payroll audit. The association has voiced its unease with the payroll audit report, which they claim contains financial and managerial irregularities involving the Board of Trustees. And while the association has been very vocal concerning this issue, tonight we are finally hearing, in full, from the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees, in a lengthy press release, says that it is dealing with the current concerns in an appropriate regard for due process. The release says that “Testimony of the Board’s commitment to accountability is that after not producing Independent Audits for the first six years of its existence, the University now has up-to-date Audits enabling scrutiny of the use of its finances.” The board stresses that the payroll audit continues to be conducted by an independent external audit firm. They have also maintained that the audit report is only a preliminary draft and that – and we quote “This Payroll Audit, as with all Financial Audits, is presented in draft form for management’s input and clarification. The Audit firm has said, and it is known practice, that such drafts cannot be used to draw any conclusions since the draft is not the final and complete audit report. The draft audit requires management input and follow-up to be final and completed.” The Board of Trustees further appeals to the university to demonstrate a respect for due process and natural justice in its governance.

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