UB Exec says Da Dem Ask fi it

Today plus news sat down with University of Belize President Alan Slusher to speak on a matter that seems to have sparked student outcry. That is the mandatory insurance policy that the university will be implementing this year. The implementation of the insurance payments appears to have caught several students off guard as they took to social media to voice their frustration. One political affiliated youth group, BYM, went on to call it a scam to drain students of their money saying and we quote,  “We view this decision as nothing more than a front for rich private interests at the expense of students’ education.” At our meeting with UB President Slusher, he narrated a timeline of events from when it was first proposed that UB should have an accident protection plan for students to when it was announced on social media earlier this week that students are required to pay a $45 dollars insurance fee per year or they would not complete registration. But no matter how much we tried, the President would not grant us an interview nor would he authorize his public relations officer to give us an interview either. They did however promise us a press release on the matter but up to news time that press release has not been forthcoming. So in our hopes to educate the public we will make our best attempts at putting into writing what the President told us off camera. In a nutshell, the president affirms that indeed they, the executive, proposed a plan to make student insurance mandatory only for students enrolled in departments that frequently go on field trips in and out of the country. They took the proposal to the board but, according to UB president Alan Slusher, upon the request of the Student Government representative sitting on the board, they made the insurance policy mandatory for all students. According to Slusher, the SGA representative convinced the board that the consensus coming from consultations with the student body was that the student body was in favor of the insurance policy. So it came as a shock to them when they came across all the face book rantings about the mandatory insurance policy. The insurance policy referred to as the Black Jaguars Accident Protection Policy covers medical expenses for accident injury, dismemberment, accidental death, disappearance due to air travel and drowning. Students will also be covered on and off campus, in Belize and abroad.vlcsnap-2015-08-03-09h13m39s28

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