UB Faculty plans demonstration

There is trouble brewing at the University of Belize.  The University of Belize Faculty and Staff Association (U.B.F.S.A), held a press conference this morning in Belmopan to air out some problems they are having. The problems are apparently many, but chief among them is the University Of Belize Board Of Trustees and the UB payroll audit report.   Allison Crawford is the President of the UBFSFA.

Allison Crawford – President of the UBFSA:
vlcsnap-2013-02-12-19h52m59s16UBFSA wrote the Board of Trustees, requesting an audience with the Chair and the President, with respect to the Audit Report.  The response was that the matter of the Payroll Audit has been put to the Administration Sub-committee for further investigation, and that after deliberation on the matter the Chair will be better able to speak on its findings. But UBFSA deems this as the major conflict of interest. How can the Board of Trustees investigate itself.  Our mandate of investigation says the Chairperson of the Board is implicated in irregularities expressed in the Audit Report.

UBFSA sent a letter to the minister of Education Patrick Faber, outlining nineteen decisions that were not tabled at the Board but were still classified as “Board” decisions, according to UBFSA. In that letter to the Minister, the association also requested the release of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Imani Fairweather Morrison, from the investigation of the CSB Payroll Audit.

Allison Crawford – President of the UBFSA:
UBFSA requested the Minister of Education to: 1) Put mechanisms in place to address these issues. 2) Release the Board of the CSB Audit Report, because of conflict of interest.  And 3) Authorize a Payroll Audit of the entire University, in accordance with the UB Act, Section 54, number 5. Yesterday, we received a letter from the Chair of the Board.  She was responding to [the] Association letter to the Administration, to the Minister of Education, and I quote “Minister Faber, some of the assertions are so petty, I’m not sure they seriously require a response, but nonetheless please find my reflections below.”

The Association says they received a response to their letter to the Minister yesterday in which he responded that some of their allegations are so petty that he is not sure they need a response. The association says they are now appealing to the Prime Minister for an impartial and external Independent Commission to investigate the Audit Report.

Allison Crawford – President of the UBFSA:
UBFSA is genuinely appealing to the Prime Minister, Hon Dean Barrow, to grant us an independent commission to investigate the Payroll Audit, to put an independent commission to oversee the investigation of the University of Belize, and to bring back stability to our national University. He owe it to the University and to the people of Belize.     

The UBFSA says they are prepared to hold a demonstration on Thursday and are considering a go slow or sick out on Monday of next week if the issues are not addressed satisfactorily.

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