UB holds Community Outreach Symposium

Yesterday the University of Belize was the venue for a Community Outreach Symposium organized by the Faculty of Education and Arts. The bi-annual event is aimed at enriching participants with an understanding and strategies to overcome barriers that negatively impact teaching and learning. The symposium was held under the theme “Empowering Education for Children in Today’s Society.”

Abimael Waight – PR Committee Chair:
vlcsnap-2013-04-19-20h45m00s214This year we’re holding a symposium under the theme, “Empowering Education for Children in Today’s Society.”  Our teams actually strategize and focus more on empowering children in relations to letting them know that we are here for them.  We want to care for them, focus more on the ways how they learn, especially for children who have different learning styles, children in Special Education as well.  What I want to bring across is that, not only for children this symposium is here, but it is also geared towards the parents, and for the teachers as well.  We want to empower everybody into this society, and that is what out theme has been. 

Landy Gilharry, who chaired the symposium’s committee, shared on some of the social issues addressed.

Landy Gilarry – Symposium Chair:
vlcsnap-2013-04-19-20h45m16s117What you see here, we have different ideas that people need to know more about.  For example, the bullying, how to deal with that at school.  We have career counseling. If you’re in High School, what route should you take?  What kind of subjects you should take.  We even have sexual abuse, child abuse.  We have children with divorced parents. It’s how to deal with these issues in everyday life, and how to get over it.

Lately, reports of sexual abuse on children have become commonplace in today’s society. Here at PlusNews we report on numerous cases just for the week. With this growing wave of abuse against our young people, it is very important that there is dialogue to educate both children and their parents on this very sensitive issue. And as the Chair stated, there was a group that did just that. Here’s some of that information.

Patricia Luna – UB Student;
vlcsnap-2013-04-19-20h45m53s223In a case where someone approaches them with sexual advances, they need to know that they need to immediately say no and move away and run and be able to tell someone. To our parents, we need to tell them that they need to be able to know where to go to be able to protect our children, because that is our responsibility.

Shadel Young, PlusTV:
And where can they go?

Patricia Luna – UB Student;
They can go to the Human Development Officer; they can go to the psychiatrist nurses that are found in different districts. In Belize City, we also have a counseling center, where they can definitely get some information and be able to help in any situation that maybe they witnessed or they know of someone who is being abused.

Bullying is also a reoccurring reality for our children, and this was also addressed at yesterday’s symposium.

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