UB President explains tenure system

vlcsnap-2013-10-17-12h43m40s167Recently some lecturers of UB, through the media, anonymously expressed their discontent with the tenure system in the University. A press release issued on Tuesday from the University explained that there was a mere misunderstanding with the terms of employment within UB. We spoke with the president of UB Doctor Cary Fraser who further explained this issue.


vlcsnap-2013-10-17-12h24m45s223Dr. Cary Fraser – UB President

“The press release that was issued yesterday clarifies what tenure is in the international university system.  Because some people were made permanent during the merger; there was the assumption that this was the part to “tenure” but I wanted to make the distinction that being permanent was part of a civil service public service arrangement but tenure in universities means something very different.  This is based on a record of accomplishment and the potential for future accomplishment.  Those are the issues that are part of tenure. The permanent Civil Service is a different issue.”

The press release also addressed the issue of annual performance reviews of all employees which have not been applied rigorously over the years. We asked Doctor Fraser why this is so.

Dr. Cary Fraser

“I think it’s part of the general lack of experience that has affected the university.   The best run universities have systematic processes of evaluation of the curriculum, of the faculty, of the staff, of all sorts of initiatives and they are done on a regular basis.  The University of Belize has not developed that culture to the extent that it should be and I think it is important to start sending the message that we need to develop a culture for managing the University effectively.”

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