UB Professor dissatisfied with response to credit issue

UBA research report conducted by University of Belize students in the Management Information System class was released a week or so ago. The report found numerous instances of students being mischarged for tuition for Associate Degree-level classes taken as prerequisites for Bachelor’s Degree courses when those courses can be transferred from the junior colleges and were not. Professor Patrick Menzies told PLUS News today that the University is condoning theft from its own students.

Professor Patrick Menzies – UB Lecturer:
vlcsnap-2013-06-05-06h57m51s63Well, I think that the University’s response in pretty lame, to put it lightly. One: It was a slap in the students’ face for a University to make a statement like: “The University of Belize takes this opportunity to also applaud the students for their willingness to raise these issues.”  Well, we didn’t just raise the issue.  The students provided the University if Belize with solutions to the problem.  I really challenge the other professors or lecturers at UB to actually don’t just teach and help students regurgitate a book, have them produce what they should be producing.  The students looked at a problem.  They provided the University with solutions to the problem. Our class is MIS – Management Information Systems. The students basically provided UB with an answer to management of UB, management of the Ministry, Management of the Ad Lib, and management of the Junior Colleges, of how to fix the problem.

According to Professor Menzies, incoming university students should now carefully consider what prerequisites they need and get them from the junior colleges rather than UB. He also has a cheeky suggestion for students who cannot decide what course they want to do.

Professor Patrick Menzies – UB Lecturer:
If you want to change your course of study, you ask your advisor, what are the prerequisites for this particular new course of study?  Let’s say you have ten you have to retake, from the basis Junior College levels.  You find a Junior College that provides those classes.  You take them there.  Bring your transcript to UB, and you continue into your Bachelors program. Don’t continue to be raped. Stop it. You can stop it.  And you Associates Students, UB has basically declared that it’s legal to steal. So for you I have an advise. What you need to do if your planning on continuing to Bachelors, what you need to do is to take as many Bachelors classes that you can while you are enrolled as an Associate student.

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