UB responds to accusations of botched up credit transfers

vlcsnap-2013-05-24-19h53m42s214Last week, adjunct professor of the University of Belize Patrick Menzies, along with students of his Management Information course, released the findings of a study they conducted on the transfer of credits and tuition assessment administered by the university. The claim that the school has been overseeing misinformation and misrepresentation of credit transfer policy between the University and junior colleges, which is causing students to pay thousands of extra dollars for classes that they do not have to take and that the most common causes of missed transfers include differing course codes between the junior colleges and UB and poor advising. When pressed about these allegations, the university stated that they were awaiting the report in order to examine the findings and then address the matter. Well, late this evening, in a press release from the University of Belize , it says that the University of Belize standards are the benchmark for the transferability and  transfer of credits between tertiary level institutions in Belize is through a National Articulation Framework (NAF), which was developed by a committee consisting of members of the Association of Tertiary Level institutions in Belize (ATLIB).
The University of Belize says it  is also in the process of digitizing the process of credit transfer so if individuals can cite specific cases of inconsistencies in credit transfers, the matter will be investigated on an individual basis by the Deans/Heads of Units in the various faculties. On the matter of tuition assessment, the release says that if a bachelor degree student is required to do a course that he or she did not take at a junior college or for which transfer credits were not awarded, assessment of tuition is computed at the bachelor degree rate which is consistent with the current policy of assessment by program rather than by course level.

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