UB Staff on “Sickout”

vlcsnap-2013-02-18-20h13m54s242Belize’s National University; the University of Belize is highly trafficked by students and teachers with much ongoing activity. However when Plus news visited its central campus here in the City of Belmopan, empty classrooms, parking lots, and students wandering around or just walking around aimlessly was the scene. As you may already know, the University of Belize Faculty and Staff Association is currently at odds with the university’s Board of Trustees regarding the recent UB payroll audit among other issues. Turns out the UB Faculty and Staff Association of the University (UBSFA) was serious about their sick out day from work.  Plus news spoke with UB’s Public Relations Officer Selwyn King about the matter.

SELWYN KING – UB Public Relations Officer:
Officially we have been receiving bits and pieces of the information.  Clearly what we can do, once all the information is collected, and we have the complete information, we’ll issue out a statement either late this evening or tomorrow morning, providing the information in terms of the number of classes that were held. We had a number of classes, and we had some classes that unfortunately didn’t take place, but we want to be able to give you that factual information based upon the official reports as submitted to us.


We asked King whether there has been any meeting between the Board of Trustees and UB’s Faculty and Staff Association.

SELWYN KING – UB Public Relations Officer:
I’m not aware if there is any meeting that has taken place so far.  What I can share with you is that there will be a meeting sometime, that will take place this evening. I’m told that the Minister of Education will be at that Board Meeting this evening.  Mrs Crawford is the representative of the Faculty and Staff, and Mr Hope Amadi is the representative of the Student Government Body, and they are also members of the Board of Trustees

The question which many want an answered is whether the University will be having classes tomorrow.

SELWYN KING – UB Public Relations Officer:
The meeting is taking place later on this afternoon.  But the students that you see [on Campus] are very studious.  They are studying.  Some of them are working on projects.  So it’s not time being wasted.  They’re using the time extreamly effectively.

vlcsnap-2013-02-19-09h03m18s221That meeting alluded to in the interview took place in Belize City this evening at 4pm with the Minister of Education the Hon. Patrick Faber and members of the board of trustees which President of the UBSFA Allison Crawford is a part of. Plusnews spoke with an executive member of the UBSFA this eveing who confirmed that classes will resume as per normal tomorrow and that pending the outcome of today’s meeting they will further strategize if needs be.

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