UB Student Kidnapped and Ransom Demanded

vlcsnap-2014-03-20-18h55m04s25The body of a female has been discovered in the Bullet Tree Area of the Cayo district. We have no confirmation on who it is at this time but the family of Kayla Burgess are hoping and praying that it is not her. Kayla, a UB student was reportedly kidnapped earlier today.

Reports coming into plus news at this time are sketchy but we have been told that Kayla Burgess was kidnapped somewhere between Belmopan and Cayo today.

Kayla is originally from Independence Village and we have been told that her parents went to the Independence police station to make the official report.

They showed police a  text that they had received which said that their daughter had been kidnapped and the kidnappers were demanding a ransom for her return.  That ransom is $250,000.

A little later, the family received another text message that simply said, “help me”. Kayla drives a champagne gold Geo Prizm and her family has not been able to reach her since they received the text.

Reports to us are that the car was last spotted in the bullet tree area of the Cayo district.  We understand that the GSU and police were in the bullet tree area late this evening and discovered a body.  Again, we have no confirmation on who that person is at this time.

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