UB Students upset with graduation changes

Students of the University of Belize are expressing concern over the changes in graduation dates. From since UB was established, there were always two graduations per year, one in February, and the other in June. But now, that seems to have changed, and only one graduation will be held country wide in June. One student took the initiative to email the Professor of the University of Belize, Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat. Alberto Matus decided to post the letter that he sent the professor to give the other students of UB a chance to express their voices as well.

The letter starts off by saying, and we quote. “ The long tradition of February and June graduations by the University of Belize came to a halt. Instead, from my understanding there will be only one graduation in Belize City for all campuses in June, which was also being contemplated to be in October.” The letter went on to state that,  “this change affects many of us in negative ways. Those persons who finished in Summer 2017 will have to wait almost an entire year to receive their degree, and those who finished in December 2017 like myself will need to wait for 6 months. Thus, that being said we’re not graduates until the day of graduation, because then and only then will our degrees be confirmed.” End quote.

Matus pointed out in his letter that he took his Letter of Completion to his current employer, only to find out that it was “worthless”. We tried contacting the University of Belize’s marketing communications officer for a comment, but were told that he was out

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